Wednesday, June 23, 2010


are crazy at Excelsior.
not sure why...
but hump-day and troubled adolescent girls just don't seem to get along.

last wednesday one of my clients had an hour long standoff making googly eyes at her girlfriend.
"babe. babe, just stay with me, babe."

today one of my clients mooned her class after a verbal altercation with a peer.
nice, huh?
when i tried to talk to her later because she was upset about being in trouble
she yelled at me and crumbled into tears.
even the most tough girls have a fragile side.

i couldn't figure out a word for "mooning" in spanish.
so when i called the mom I had to say, "she lowered her pants in class"

i love my job.
it is definitely an adventure.
i'm laughing even as i write this.

this week I have been memorizing Romans 5 and praying this verse over my work:
"we rejoice also in suffering, for we know that suffering leads to perseverance, perseverance to character, and character to hope. and hope does not disappoint because Christ has poured out his love into our hearts..."

Monday, June 21, 2010

weekend with friends

have you seen Couples Retreat, the movie where a group of friends
end up on a crazy island with therapists instead of cabana-boys.
well, we had our own version a couple weeks ago.
minus the therapists, of course, and all the drama.
(I know what you're thinking...I don't count. on either account:) )

in college rob lived in a house with a dozen guys.
or something crazy like that. :)
two weeks ago seven of them (+ wives)
had a mini-reunion here in colorado.

another bonus of being married to robbie :)
i still get to hang out with my guy friends from college!

we had a wonderful time in the mountains.
beautiful place.
beautiful people.
eating, laughing, playing games.
we spent one afternoon wandering around Grand Lake.

the 2nd night we talked about marriage:
laughed about our first fights and embarrassing moments.
shared about the struggles, the joys, and the ways God is at work.

most importantly, we rejoiced that we were not in this alone.
i love marriage, and I love friends.
good stuff.

Friday, June 18, 2010

my day off

was glorious!

french toast for breakfast.
while watching USA soccer.
an hour wandering around joann's fabrics.
where SO many great fabrics and sewing tools were 50% off.
tie-breaker tennis match with the hubby.
(which I won, in case you were wondering :) )
frozen custard (topped with strawberries) with a dear, lovely, wonderful friend.
joined with wonderful conversation.
a quick dip in the pool.
followed by an hour poolside reading and resting.
a delicious dinner of kabobs on the grill
eaten outside on the deck. (we're house-sitting..i wish we had a deck)

and my SEWING MACHINE arrived!

and we just ended it with a movie cuddled up on the couch.

i'm gonna love Fridays this summer.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

california: part four

my one request before going to california
was that we would get to spend a couple days at the beach.
and since my california family loves me and are wonderful
they obliged :)

we love the beach!

it was still a little early in the season to swim
but gabriella and jake still insisted on getting in.
the water was cold.
gab's quivering lip didn't keep her from giggling
every time the wave crashed against us.
uncle rob and I took turns taking her into the water.

we would stay in as long as gab could endure it.
then we would warm up on the beach
and get ready for another dip.

the first day we concentrated on playing in the sand.
that's how mel prefers to experience the beach, anyways :)

the aunties set to work on a sand castle

i was intent on finishing it
and mel-mel was my handy rock-finder.

i have never known a girl who can entertain herself for so long.
melonie could sit in the sand for hours upon hours making sand and rock soup.
she creates elaborate play and never gets bored.
i love that about her.

and, of course, no day at the beach is complete without snacks.

i love the sun
it was so great to lay in the sand
and listen to the waves
my toes can't wait to be back in this place...

until next time....
so long!

P.S. you should go check out this today, too.
such a sweet, sleepy little boy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

california: part three

one of our favorite things to do as auntie and uncle
is take the kids to the park.
this time we combined a trip to the beach with a trip to the park.
first stop: the swings

then we spent some time crawling through the tunnels
and zipping down the slide

we were having a great time...
...until a bus load of 10 years olds unloaded next to the playground
and took over.

fearing for our safety (okay, well, the kids' safety)
we decided to set up camp in the sand.
we forgot jake's sandals in the other car with Priscilla and Cindy.
so he had to borrow mine.

it makes me excited to have kids of our own...
I hope we take LOTS of trips to the park.
it is just so much fun!

my big girl job

the excitement I feel for my job is not fading.
even after working until midnight on sunday
and being back in the office by nine am on monday.
(yes, that's my schedule...but no worries...the rest of my hours are flexible...and I REALLY like my job!)
I just feel so thankful.

I was thinking about the timing of it all again tonight
I just can't help praising God
honestly, I had begun preparing myself mentally for a long job hunt
and I was also prepared to trust God's goodness and the faithfulness in the midst of that
because God would have been good no matter what.

yet again he has chosen to bless me beyond what I imagined.

back to the job.
I'm still waiting for my official office to open up.
which will be really great. much easier to get things accomplished.
in the meantime I'm just floating around and learning the ropes.
I'm really excited about all my clients.
I'm praying that God will do great things through me as I work with them and their families.
feel free to pray that with me/for me if I happen to cross your mind :)

happy tuesday!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

california: part two

while the girls were putting the final touches on the party.
the boys went deep sea fishing to celebrate their birthdays.
Gabi appreciated the gift too...

she insisted on holding EACH and EVERY fish.

look at that excitement...

and concentration!

the messier the better.
she just couldn't get enough.
look at those hands!

the guys filleted all their fish in the kitchen sink.
they accidentally sliced the "stink pocket"
(the quotes are because I have NO IDEA what that is...
but that's what Rob told me happened)
all I know is that the trash cans outside were so incredibly stinky.
my gag reflex was triggered a couple times.

i'm thankful that rob and jacob love to fish together
rob is STILL checking the fish reports.
i reminded him tonight that we live hundreds of miles from the sea.

he compared it to me reading other peoples BLOGS!?!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

exciting news

I really like office supply stores.
Not as much as I like bookstores,
but it is up there.

I like the thought of buying all kinds of thing to get organized.
This is probably why I really look forward to January.
The month when I get to select the perfect planner for the coming year.
It's all clean and ready for me to fill-up with stuff.

wow. I sound a bit crazy.
Honestly, I can go days without opening my planner.

Nevertheless, the task of picking out a planner is very crucial to one's organization scheme.
Well, this January I went all out.
I splurged on a full-blown appointment book.
With time slots and everything.
It's my big girl planner.

I told myself, "This is the year you get a REAL job! Go for it!"

Maybe it was a bit prophetic...


I started today at Excelsior Youth Center.
I'll be the Treatment Coordinator/Therapist for 7-8 adolescent girls and their families.
I am so so SO excited.
And I am praising GOD for His goodness and faithfulness.

I do not deserve this.
I have not done anything to earn it.
God totally provided this and I want to give Him the glory.

One month ago I was graduating from graduate school and Rob was getting ready to wrap up another year as a paraprofessional.
We both recognized that we might neither have a "real" job this coming fall.
A month later,

Rob found out about,
applied for,
interviewed for,
and was hired as
a special education TEACHER at Westerly Creek Elementary school.

Within ONE MONTH of graduation
I have landed a really great job
with a great organization.
A job that I am really excited about!

We feel so blessed.
We praise God.
We have JOBS!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

california: part one

the first couple days we were in california priscilla and i
were preparing for jacob's big surprise party.
the colors for the party were orange, blue, and lime green.
and the party favors were little bags of candy.

so we went to a wholesale grocery store with HUGE bins of candy
bins the size of outdoor trash cans
and dug through the bins picking out only the
orange and green gummy worms,
the bright blue gummy bears,
the blue and green jolly ranchers,
the orange tootsie pops.

you get the idea.

we looked like crazy people.
and maybe we were. HA!

one teenage girl walked up to me and asked:
"are you seriously picking out all the blue ones?"

Yes. Yes I was.
don't worry. i had plastic bags on my hands.
it was totally sanitary :)

another young couple stood at a distance watching for a few moments before he finally asked:
"do you only like the orange worms?"

actually, I hate gummy things.
I think they are disgusting.
sometimes I try one again...thinking maybe something in my taste buds will have changed.
nope. never does.
It may have something to do with a negative childhood experience.
I'm not exactly sure.

but digging through the candy bins for two hours (yes, two hours!) was totally worth it!
the party was great and jacob was totally SURPRISED!
Priscilla made these cute banners and did an incredible job organizing the whole thing.

this was my attempt at getting creative with the flower bouquet.
for my first time it turned out pretty well, though next time I would try a couple things differently.

after eating lots of yummy food
everyone had a great time cooling off in the pool.

melonie went from clinging to uncle rob's back and refusing to leave the step last summer
to jumping off the side and
SWIMMING on her own.
she might be the more cautious one, but she is coming around.

gabriella, on the other hand, is full throttle all the time.
love it. a girl after my own heart :)

(check out her tutu swimsuit...isn't that the cutest?!?!)

i opted out of swimming this year due to a dumb migraine.
grrr. oh well.

we're so thankful we got to celebrate jacob's big birthday
and spend time with family.
good thing most of the candy was gummy stuff,
I was able to have a little self-control!


twenty-eight years ago today my husband was born.
his life is such a blessing to so many people.
life is truly more enjoyable with him around.
i hope i can ALWAYS say that.

he is the most patient, kind man i know.
he has a great sense of humor. very unassuming.
he gives of himself generously-- time, energy, money, and love.
my life is so blessed by him.

we were friends in college
and became more shortly after
i can't believe i didn't realize how wonderful he was sooner.
all in God's timing. :)

now that i have him in my life,
i can't imagine my days without him.

here's to many, many, many more years of life together, babe.
i hope the coming year is full of new adventures and lots of joy.
i'm excited to see what all this year has in store for you.
i'm proud to call you mine :)

i love you!
so glad you were born!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


we're home!
i have so much to tell you all about.
all--as in, the ten of you who know I have a blog. ha!

i'm sitting on my couch after
8 days in California with family.
3 days in the mountains with friends.
2 birthday celebrations.
hours of sunshine.
dozens of rewarding conversations with friends.
lots of laughter. bursts of laughter. contagious laughter.

i smile just thinking about it.
i love laughter.
it might be one of my all time favorite things.

I feel extremely thankful.
and tired.
disorganized (there are several half-packed/unpacked suitcases all over our apartment).
but I'm so incredibly grateful for the fun we've had in the past two weeks.
bit did I mention that I'm TIRED?

I keep catching myself zoning out and staring into space.

oops. just happened again.

i can't wait to share some pictures and stories about our adventures
but for now I think I need to rest.

don't worry. it won't be 10 days before I'm on here again.

i promise.

but for now I'll just leave you with this: