Tuesday, August 13, 2013

steady my heart

my prayer this morning.
even when it hurts
even when its hard
I will run to You. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

we're home!

after 23 days and 22 nights,
4500 miles on the highway,
and countless beautiful moments
we are h.o.m.e.

...our trip looked like this...
-camped 2 nights in southern Colorado-
-camped 2 nights at the Grand Canyon-
-spent 1 night/18 hours in Las Vegas-
-spent 1 night with Rob's parents/1day at the beach with Rob's family-
-spent 2 nights/1 day in Bakersfield visiting family/friends/memory lane for Rob-
-camped 1 night in Sequoia National Park-
-camped 2 nights in Yosemite National Park-
-stayed 1 night in Monterey, CA/drove down Hwy 1 (Pacific Coast Hwy)-
-stayed 3 nights with friends in San Luis Obispo, CA-
-celebrated the wedding of Kenny+Seleena-
-stayed 1 night in St. George, UT-
-stayed 3 nights in Denver with friends-
-stayed 1 night in Ft. Collins, CO with my dear, sweet friend-
-stayed 2 nights in Holyoke, CO to celebrate the marriage of Brent+Brittany-

and then we were home. 

and it was good. :)
good to be gone.
good to be together.
good to be home. 
good to have space.
goodness all around. 

I am eager to share stories, 
and lessons from the road.

but, did I mention that our basement imploded/flooded while we were gone?
yeah. somewhere between Utah and Colorado that happened.
so, I'll get to those pictures and photos eventually. 
I'll probably use editing pictures and posting blogs as a *healthy* avoidance of the millions of other things I need to get done. 

can't wait to share more soon!
until then
I should work on unpacking this mess.