Sunday, March 27, 2011


we're watching the final seconds of the KU vs. VCU game right now.
i'm smiling. a lot.

1. because I'm a KState fan and so I can't help but grin when I see Jayhawk fans in shock (sorry friends!)

2. I love seeing the under-dog win.

who doesn't?
well, my hubby apparently doesn't!
he just said, and I quote, "They should only win during the first two rounds."
I'm not exactly sure that I follow his logic.
Maybe he is just upset about his bracket :)
He's ridiculously competitive sometimes.

this year's road to the final 4 has been full of upsets.
all four #1 teams are out.
all four!
that is almost unheard of.

seeing the underdog achievethe unthinkable makes me hopeful.
it makes me believe that anything is possible.
and there is something about this that reminds me of life with Christ.
who said "blessed are the poor,"
and "the least will be the greatest."
Jesus spent his time with the untouchables,
those that society didn't get a second thought,
who would not have met #1 no matter what the standard.

I know that my comparison here is a little far-fetched... VCU vs the poor and weak of society.

but it's the attitude of believing against the odds.
the hopefulness of cheering for that which seems impossible.

it reminds me of what an adventure life can be.
especially with my Jesus.

and it makes me like March Madness even more.
ha! KU out! no #1 seeds.

I can't stop smiling.

(p.s. I do feel a little sad for my friends who like KU and for the KU players. Losing stinks.)

Saturday, March 26, 2011


rob bought me cowboy boots for Christmas last year.
and i have been waiting for a chance to use them on the dance floor.

nothin' says cowgirl, like some turquoise accented cowboots!

so in honor of my 27th year of life,
we hit up with Grizzly Rose.

and Kristen & Chad came along, too!

we heel-toed-dosey-dowed with the best of 'em.

here's a fun fact about me:
i really love to dance.
if you know me well at all, you already knew this about me.
but just in case you didn't know, now you do :)

and once I get going,
it is hard to get me to stop.

partner dancing is not only good exercise and really fun,
but it is really great practice for me when it comes to following.
and allowing others to lead.
ah-hem, allowing Rob to lead.

when we first hit the dance floor that night,
it was...well, a little rough.
let's just say he was scuffin' up my new boots!

I wanted Rob to lead, but I didn't think he really knew what he was doing.
which he didn't.
but he wasn't going to learn unless I let him figure it out.

he called me on it.
which I love. (honest, I do. I love that he calls me on my crap.)

allowing him to learn to lead meant I had to
be okay with mistakes,
and looking silly at times.
it meant i had to trust him.
and let go of my idea of what it "should be like."

this is difficult for me.
i'm being very honest here.

and now you have a better picture of our marriage!

I love you, Rob.
Will you please lead me around the dance floor for the next 50+ years?
I would love to celebrate all the rest of my birthdays dancing with you.

my favorite month

March is my favorite month.
and yet I haven't even blogged ONE TIME this entire month.

kinda pathetic.
scratch that.
it's okay that I haven't posted.
i don't really have an excuse.
i just haven't.
and that is okay.

(I decided to give up GUILT for lent this year.
along with desserts & sweets
I realized that I begin a lot of phrases with "I should..."
and sometimes I need to just let myself be
can anyone else relate?)

anyway, I decided to break my fast this morning.
and to quickly summarize why I love March:

my birthday! celebrated #27 this year.

the beginning of spring. ahhhh, sunshine and warmer weather. it is good for my soul.

a season of preparing my heart and mind for Easter and the celebration of Jesus conquering death so that I could live. what ways to you practice lent?

spring break. which I no longer have, but I still appreciate for my husband's sake :).
this is one of those times when i think I should have been a high school English teacher. oh well.

March Madness! we have watched my bracket is TERRIBLE this year and K-state broke my heart a little, but that games have been fun to watch. I'm just getting a little burned out of the TV being on. There is only 7 more games. And then we'll have to wait 7 more months for them to begin again. :)

and a special thing about this March,
is that we get to go to CALIFORNIA!
We haven't seen Rob's family since Thanksgiving.
It has been FAR too long and I can't wait to
meet little Hudson Haude,
wrestle with Jakers,
watch Gabriella and Melonie's first soccer game,
and spend hours laughing, crafting, talking, shopping,
I can't believe I almost forgot that we get to go to Disney!

Rob leaves Monday.
His dad will be there for two weeks,
on leave from Afghanistan.
I fly out Wednesday evening after work.
it will be so wonderful.
i dread how short it will feel,
but am thankful for time we do get.

i can't wait!