Monday, August 16, 2010

sale day

we were in oakley a couple weeks ago for grandma's birthday celebration.
Mackoy got to have a slumber party with Aunt Erica and Uncle Rob.

Mack and I woke up early
had some coffee on the patio with grandma
played games.
ate breakfast.

then we decided it was the perfect day
for a trip to the sale barn!
we started in the office where Aunt Barb, Kenzie, Lydia and Lauren were hard at work.

then we headed into the ring to watch some of the action
he didn't take his eyes of the cattle the entire time.

look at that cute face.
he is so alert. always watching.

we even got a little surprise performance by Uncle Rob.
city slicker goes country.

a full 8 seconds! no lie :)

our last stop was out back to visit Papa Kirk.

the 4th (or maybe even 5th) generation of Hemmert man to enter
Oakley Livestock Commission Company.
I'm pretty sure that my dad had never looked so happy to be at work :)

it was a great day.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

kansas boys

my little brother had this on his facebook page this weekend.
and it was hysterical.
just had to share it.
california girls? kansas boys?
seems like they got it a little backwards,
but it works ;)

and the video is still really funny.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

back to school

back to school.
back to school.
to prove to dad I'm not a fool.
Got my lunch pail packed
my shoes tied tight.
i hope I don't get in a fight.

(name that movie'll get a prize from me! ha!)
i think of this movie every time I say the phrase, "back to school"

so it's that time of year again.
i've always loved this time of year.
mostly because i get to buy new school supplies.
have i ever told about my love of office supplies? no?
well, i really really like buying new school/office/organization stuff.

that is not the point of this post, however.

the point is that I am not going back to school this fall.
praise the LORD!
but it feels a little strange.
thankfully, rob is a teacher :)
and this year he is a legitimate teacher.
like he has his own class room and everything!

so, i still get to live vicariously through my hottie hubby.
today we spent 4 hours working in his class room.
i'm so excited for him that i didn't even mind spending my saturday unpacking boxes.
plus i just really love him a lot. (too gooey? sorry.)

my job was to go through the boxes and organize the different centers he had arranged.
it was SO fun to look through the boxes of elementary phonics cards.
and flash cards.
and children's books.

it actually made me kinda wish that i had chose teaching as a career.

(don't worry, i'm not planning a career change already...not yet. just kidding, mom. just kidding.)

we got a lot done today and it was fun to get to be a part of the "back to school" process.
just in a slightly different way this year.

rob, i'm so proud of you.
you are going to be such a great teacher.
your students are blessed to have such a kind, compassionate, wise man in their lives.
and they don't even know it yet!

yipee for going back to school!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

another (very special) birthday

we have dated best friends. twice.
the second time has worked out WONDERFUL for the both of us.
(we learned some valuable lessons the first time around. but....nah, let's not dampen this special day! :) )

all of our life experiences of the past 6 years have brought us closer together
and now....we're both married. to best friends!

which works out great when you're scheming to get together :)

now we not only share dreams, laughs and long conversations...
but we share an anniversary!

we laugh A LOT.
and we cry some, too.
she is someone i can talk to about anything and everything.
i think that sometimes our husbands wish we keep some things to ourselves.
sara jo is the one i talk to about marriage (and all that comes along with marriage) Jesus, school, work, dreams, heartaches...all of it....

it is such a beautiful thing
and by "it" I mean her. us. our friendship.

sara josephine, you have been by my side (literally!) through some of my best moments and some of my worst....and you've loved me all the same.

our friendship has grown throughout the years
and i can't wait to see what all God has for our friendship in the future.

i celebrate you! today and always!
praise the Lord that you were born.
can't imagine life any other way :)

Happy Birthday, my friend! I love you!