Thursday, May 27, 2010

first stop

we made it to california yesterday right at lunch time.
we were hungry.
we had been holding out.
our first stop in the Sunshine State was
"the french fry store," as the girls like to call it.
rob calls it a little slice of heaven on earth.
next to seeing his family
this is rob's favorite thing about being back in his home state

hungry husband + huge hamburger = happy place

gabi and I, we prefer the milkshake.
a girl has to have her dessert!

jakers was super-excited for the french fries.
freshly cut potato strips.
fried in grease.
yum. yum. yum.

we'll probably visit a couple more times before we head back east.
rob likes to try for atleast once a day :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the big 3-0, sir.

today is someone's birthday.
not just anyone's birthday.
it is Sir Jacob's big day.
he turns THIRTY!

Sir Jacob is our brother-in-law.
i met him while the hubby and i were dating,
and we hit it off.

Sir Jacob has a great sense of humor,
a really kind heart,
and is a fantastic husband, daddy and uncle.

wondering why I call him Sir Jacob?
well it has to do with this, i believe.
it has always just kinda stuck.

I'm excited that we get to celebrate this day with Sir Jacob in California.
Happy Birthday, Jacob!
We love you!

if you're interested in reading what his lovely wife has to say, you can find that here.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

gab & mel

we watched our wedding video last night.
it is becoming part of our anniversary tradition.
and i am so thankful for the video,
to remember who was there,
who was talking/flirting with who,
who was dancing like a crazy person (Lee!),
and it captures all the little glances and moments that photos often miss.

watching it made me realize how much our nieces have grown.
chidren seem to really highlight how much time has actually passed.
they were so little at our wedding.
melonie's little belly and chubby legs.
gabriella with barely any hair.
she was still not a big fan of me at the wedding. still cried when i held her.
no worries, now we are BFF :)

here they are the week of the wedding.

i love this picture for many reasons.
but i especially love that it is taken at the farm i grew up on.
in my mom's garden.
i miss the farm.

sweet cousins. jumping on the trampoline together.
mel had just turned two years.
gab was only one and a half.

to think, we actually thought gabi might make it down the aisle.

here's a look at them now.

princess shoes. laughter. best friends.

love them.

we head to california tomorrow morning.
i can't wait to see these two little girlies.
hear them yell, "auntie erica!"
and wrap their not-so-little-anymore arms around my neck.

Monday, May 24, 2010

can't figure out how to move the little button out of the way.

hang with me.

i'll find someone who can figure it out!

(clearing throat) Uncle Jacob? :)

two years.

A few months ago the hubby asked me
(as I was avoiding a paper by perusing blogland)

"Do you think you'll ever start a blog?"

"Maybe when I'm done with grad school," I said.

i wonder how many times this was my response
in the past two years?

Do you want to join a book club?
when i'm done with school.
Do you want to learn to sew?
maybe when i'm done with school
Have you finished your wedding album? uh, or even started?
well, you get the picture.

well, friends, I am done.

it would be easy to for me to focus on the things that I could have been doing during the past two years. the ways that I feel like I "missed out" but why would I want to waste my time with such thoughts....and it would be a lie.

sure, the past two years have required sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance.
we have had to budget financially and balance time and energy like crazy.
but we have GAINED much.
I have grown.
My incredible, supportive, patient, encouraging, fun, kind husband has grown.
our marriage has grown.

we have learned so much in the past two years. about ourselves, marriage, God, careers, Colorado, family, communication, being honest, vulnerable. we have learned how to be patient, love deeper, make joint decisions...i could go on and on.

we have grown. and that is SO GREAT to me.
Our first two years of marriage has been it's own kind of adventure.

and when I think of my hubby,
i can't imagine someone else who I would have rather spent the last two years with.
i feel so blessed. almost giddy.

happy 2 year anniversary, babe.
you seriously are the best. seriously.
thanks for being my partner in this crazy thing called life.
i pray we find the adventure in all our days.
i love you.
today and forever.