Monday, January 21, 2013


the weekend after all the company left,
I pulled out my journal and spent some time writing.
this is honestly my favorite part of the new year.
sure, I like the "newness" of it all,
and the confetti celebrations,
but I REALLY like the idea of sitting with a yummy cup-o-something
and reflecting, remembering, and dreaming.

so, that's what I did.
(this was also a great way to procrastinate taking down Christmas and cleaning.)

2012 was full of change.
it was a year of things not necessarily going as we had planned.

and with those changes and challenges came growth.
I didn't (and DON'T) want to rush into 2013
without stopping to remember what 2012 taught me.

here are a few of the things I wrote:
  • 2012 taught me that I can live with both full joy and deep sadness. 
  • 2012 taught me that I can maintain friendships across distance and that I can be known deeply by people. It also brought the renewal of a friendship. 
  • 2012 taught me that my Jesus is my #1 rock and Rob is #2. And that when these relationships are healthy and in balance, I'll be okay. Even when everything else is turned upside down, I'll still be okay.
  • 2012 taught me that following God's path is full of joy, sorrow, waiting, moving, risking, and so much more. Living the adventure with Jesus is worth it, even when it isn't easy. 
  • 2012 humbled me. I became aware of pride and was challenged to continue to vulnerable in my marriage and friendship. 
what did 2012 teach you?

 I hope that 2013 includes:  
more listeningmore writingmore runningmore basketball less social mediamore time living out the story that God is writing for memore creativitymore cookingmore scrapbooking/picture-taking/painting/sewing less comparing of myself to others less spending more giving less comfort more Jesus

I want 2013 to be about living an adventure with Jesus--
even when that means following Him into things that are uncomfortable, scary, difficulty.

I don't know what 2013 holds. 

My sense is that it will bring times of laughter and joy,
hopefully some traveling and celebrating;
I also sense that 2013 will bring times of brokenness, surrender, and heartache.

My prayer is that 2013 means more of Jesus.
more of His glory.
I pray this same thing for you.

I'd love to hear how you ring in the new year!
Do you spend time reflecting and dreaming?
Do you pick a word or theme for the year?

Friday, January 18, 2013

major recap

 it has taken me a little lot longer than I had hoped to give  recap of the last few weeks, 
but here it is. 

it may seem outdated to you, 
but this way I know it is recorded. 
and in case I never get those scrapbooks done, 
I'll know I can come back to this little piece of blogland, 
and read about the end of December 2012.

this was the first year that I had off more time than Rob at Christmas. 
not that I had a very much hang-out-in-pajamas-and-read-all-day time, 
as the time was actually really FULL.
but it was still good. 
and I was thankful. 

I spend the entire first week organizing our house!
this picture makes me ridiculously happy. 
our storage room post-organization frenzy. 
I can officially say that all the boxes are unpacked, 
and rooms are mostly put together.  
they still need decorated. 
but baby steps, people, baby steps. 

during my week of cleaning/organizing, 
my dad called to ask me on a date.
This deserves and entire post all by itself,
so for now I'll just say,
it was really great and spoke volumes to my heart. 

the motivation to deep clean and organize came 
from knowing that the whole Haude/Sibayan clan was coming for a two week stay. 

we split the holidays between both sides. 
this was our first year that we didn't travel out of the state for Christmas, 
and it was the first time that we could see both sides of family on Christmas day. 
it was really nice. 
after breakfast and opening gifts with the Sibayan kiddos, 
we headed to Wichita for the Kester family gathering. 
lots of food.
lots of laughter.
and lots of dancing.
let's take a momentary break from our review of the break so that I can point something out:
not only does this picture make me seriously happy,
this picture would NOT have happened when we first got married. 
and now my hubby is a dancing fool. 
and I LOOOOOOVE it. 
YES! mission accomplished. :)

okay. back to the recap.

look at the joy on that beautiful face!
you know what they say about girls in stripes...
no? me neither. :)
but I can tell you something about Gabi:
she is really good at making her auntie feel loved. 
and she's the sweetest thing ever. 
 the kids were extremely excited about the snow.
we bundled up on the day that it snowed all day 
and had a snowball fight and built one stellar snowman. 
it was fun to experience the snow through their california-child eyes. 

despite the below freezing temperatures, 
and some strong warning from the loan Kansas native, 
we headed out to have a little family Punt-Pass-Kick competition. 
we lasted 45 minutes.
by the end of it, Gabi was laying under a pile of blankets 
so that no part of her was visible. 
I didn't really want to say "I told you so, "
yeah, well, I did. :)

 this picture pretty much sums up the two weeks that rob's family was in town. 
Jake. Auntie. Together. 
:) I love that little boy. 
I mean seriously.

and THIS little boy loves his "uncle bobby"
I mean, just when I though he couldn't get any cuter, 
he started calling rob "uncle bobby."
too much. 
we spent a day in Wichita eating BBQ and ice-skating. 
while racing around the rink with my  hubby, 
I was reminded that he is my perfect match. 
i know, i know.
super romantic. and cheesy. 
but I really mean it. 
he's good for me in so many ways. 
and I love that he is my favorite person to do things with. 
even ice skate. :)

 other highlights not captured on cell phone pics:
double date with Priscilla and Jacob to see Les Miserables. so so good. 
tearing down walls at my in-laws new house. I've always wanted to kick a hole in the wall. 
watching Downton Abbey on my new Kindle Fire. (thank you, Pinky! you're the best!)
going to my Grandma Marie's house for the first time in years and spending time with my family. 
Christmas Eve service and reflecting on the wonderful gift that was the incarnate life of Jesus. 

Now that we're caught up on 2012, 
I can fill you in on 2013!

have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Living Prayer

This is a beautiful song.
A prayer.
One that I am clinging to this morning as I think of those who are broken and hurting.

May you know the One who wants to hold your hand. 
Tomorrow, I'll update you on what we've been up to the last few weeks. 
And eventually I'll share what I'm dreaming off for 2013.