Sunday, February 20, 2011

how does that saying go?

expect the unexpected?

one thing that I am continually learning is that
change is constant.
even when I am not acutely aware of it,
it happens all around me, in me, and through me.

professionally, I am in the business of change.
each day I drive to work with the hope that change will happen.
that my clients will change behaviors, thought process, and patterns.
I consider it a privilege that these girls and their families invite me into their lives
and allow me to be a part of their change process.

I think that sometimes amidst all of the changing that happens around me
I forget how much changing is happening within me.

until I stop.
and allow myself to feel.
and then I realize that I am different.
sometimes for the better, sometimes not.
which is why I am very, very thankful for God's grace. because sometimes the change isn't so pretty.

all of that to say that there are seasons of life that are saturated with change.
or maybe it is just that there are seasons of life.
i tell Rob all the time that I love living somewhere where
I get to experience the seasons.

I endure the bitter cold of winter
because I know that Spring is coming.

I love when the heat of summer
gives way to the fresh scent of fall.

I love the changing of the seasons.
in the weather.
and in my life.

so if you ever hear my complaining that life isn't easy to figure out.
or if I bemoan the fact that we are not settled,
feel free to call me on it.
i can handle it.

the most recent changes in our life are:

the bank accapted our offer on the house (from November).
we set a closing date for Feb 28th.
we had an inspection.
and discovered that it had sructural damage.
a lot of structural damage.
so we walked away.

now we're back to the drawing board.
trying to figure out if now is when we should buy
or if we should continue renting.
and if we rent do we stay here in this little affordable apt far from rob's job.
or do we find something else that is closer for both of us.


I got a promotion at work.
which means that I have my Sundays back.
which means that we can go back to Trailhead.
if we are staying in the area
but if we are moving,

well, you get my point.

and as EXCITED as I am about my new job,
I was just feeling like I found a rhythm in my first job.
and now I am moving offices.
and have new responsibilities.

see what I mean?

change is my constant.
which is good.
it is healthy. fun.
and best of all,
it keeps me on my toes :)