Monday, May 19, 2014

Pour some sugar on me! Or not...(Detox Day 1)

Last week as I was pursuing some of my favorite blogs,
I came across a 14Day Sugar Detox.

For some crazy, ridiculous reason I decided to forward the info on to the hubs.
I might as well signed us up right then and there.
He was all, "Yeah! Let's do it! I'm totally in."

Of course.
Of course, he was.
Mr. Up-at-5am-P90x-Crossfit-Triatholon Man.

By the time he had emailed me back with his enthusiastic affirmations,
I had already come up with at least 3 reasons why it was not good timing for us to Detox from sugar.

I mean, our ANNIVERSARY is in 6 days. come ON!

By that evening I had come up with at least 10 more reasons why this was a bad idea.
Rob, on the other hand, was still all in.
The window to sign-up for the Detox group was quickly closing....
....and then, all the sudden, we were signed up. (curse you, Paypal, and your easy money transfers!)

As we were laying in bed discussing what we had just signed up for, I posted this:

Yes, I was in bed at 9:09pm. Don't judge.
People. You guys are so encouraging. and wonderful. You really are.

So, we were in.
If you know me very well, you know that if I'm going to do something,
then I want to do it all the way.
no half-way around here.

which was a little terrifying at first, since women were saying things about how they would rather give birth than go through a sugar detox?! For reals?!?!?! Not. helpful.
Not that I've given birth before, but I've heard that it can be a little brutal.
and I witnessed full body shakes during the one live birth I sat in on.
Let's hope this Sugar Detox thing doesn't come to that. (cue wide-eyed terrified expression)

On Saturday, I was with my BF at a riveting graduation ceremony. (sarcasm font on the riveting part)
and because sometimes we only get to talk during times when we should be listening,
I leaned over and said: "Oh hey. Did I tell you that we signed up for a Sugar Detox."
and, as any bestie would, she responded with, "Yeah. That's annoying. And really great for you. But mostly annoying for me."

I love her.
And then today she sent me this:


we share an Amazon prime account (community!)
and the Amazonians were suggesting she buy a bunch of healthy food stuff due to my most recent order.

you're welcome, SJ. 
much love to ya. 

So, today is DAY 1. 
I've made it through 2 meals and am headed home shortly to make meal #3 of the crazy
no-sugar detox.

so far I don't have a headache.
but I'm tired.
and I love the coconut oil/coffee blended stuff. YUM-O.

and so far I'm still really glad we are doing it.
next post I'll share why I am doing this and why I felt like it was time. 

Several people have asked about it and told me that they wanted to know how it went,
so I decided to blog about it a few times.

plus, it will good for me to remember how well (or terrible) this went for future reference.

So, if you interested in a candid, sarcastic, and honest look at my 14+ days without sugar, carbs, dairy and a bunch of other stuff....then feel free to follow along.
If you aren't...well, I promise I will only be slightly offended :)

If you have specific questions or things you want me to know about
leave a comment below (or on FB) and I'll be happy to share my experience.

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  1. So proud of you guys...and Ryan would be telling you once you make the 14 days just make it a chosen life style because you will have gone thru hardest part! I didn't spend any money to do it...just followed Ryans directions♡♡ Does he know you are on this?