Monday, December 22, 2014

christmas letter: twenty-fourteen edition

Dear twenty-fourteen:

I have sat down to write this letter multiple times, but I am struggling to find words that appropriate capture how I feel about you. How do you write a letter to a year that has brought some of the most treasured, beautiful moments of your entire life, and also some of the hardest, most painful.

You have taken us on a wild ride. You have been an adventure worth writing home about. (Yet, somehow I didn't really take time to write much on this here blog. oops. My journal is full though! And Rob is still convinced I should actually write a book about you, 2014. Maybe someday when I am back to getting more than 3 hours of consecutive sleep. For now, no promises - about the blogging or the book.)

Your days have imbedded in us a hope that will not quickly diminish and a faith that runs deep. We have learned from you, 2014; lessons that are true and important, ones that we pray will be woven in to the fabric of our family and our community forever.

Oh, your people! Your days have been shared with some of the most incrdible people!  Throughout our time with you, we have forged new friendships, rekindled old friendships, and deepened current friendships. The people that have graced our lives during 2014 will not be soon forgotten. We have cherished each email and Facebook message, each card in the mail and voicemail. And we know without a doubt that there have been dozens - maybe more! - people praying for us who we may never even meet. Wow. What a humbling thought. Thank you, 2014, for creating space for these people in our lives. We are eternally grateful.

You brought our family closer - both physically and emotionally. Bonds really are forged through the fire. Thanks all the times we shared with family during these 12 months. We love having family close and are excited for Deacon to grow up knowing his cousins.

Oh, yes! Did you think I forgot the most important part?! You, 2014, are when we became parents! It was during your time with us that our world was turned upside down by the sweetest, most beautiful little boy. We are so in love and have already forgotten what life was like before him (maybe that's the lack of sleep talking again!). We have a baby in a heaven and one in our arms. The journey to becoming a family of 3 has been unpredictable & beautiful, painful & awestriking. It brought us to our son, and we can honestly say that we wouldn't change a thing. Jesus has been our Lighthouse, guiding us home. With each unexpected storm tha threatned our course, we kept turning our face toward the Light and through his grace and mercy He always righted our course.

We thank Jesus for you, Year 2014. For every tear shed and prayer offerred, we thank Him. For every moment shared with those we love, we thank Him. For every time Jesus showed up and showed out on our behalf, we thank Him.

We entered this year clinging to Hope and more unsure than ever about what these 12 months might entail. As we say our farewell to one of the best years of our lives, we just keep singing praise to Our King. The one who came down to earth all those years ago so that He might dwell with us. I am so thankful that He was willing to dwell in me and with me this year.

Signing off for now, 2014. We send you all our love.

Rob, Erica and Deacon

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